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About Us
David throwing the ball for the campers who come from all over VirginiaEach dog has its own space; however we firmly believe in lots of fresh air and exercise. Dogs spend a great deal of their time in the play/exercise yard.
Our facilities offer your indoor pet a climate controlled indoor sleeping area attached to an outside run. This run opens into a large fenced play/exercise yard. Each run has solid indoor privacy walls, allowing your pet a place for solitude.

Your outdoor pet has an outside covered run and a solid wall windbreak in the back and a warm, cedar-filled dog house. These runs also open into the large play/exercise yard. 

Cats are boarded in "kitty condos". Some of the condos are located in front of the windows for the cats pleasure in watching the birds and other outside goings on.
The play yard for the dogs at Haurand Kennels in West Point, VA
The outside portion of the individual runs at Haurand Kennels in West Point, VA
 Due to limited space and the popular demand of Haurand Kennels on Holidays and during the summer vacation months, we ask that our customers make reservations well in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate those "last minute" plans !! 

 For your pet's safety and the safety of everyone else, we ask that our clients please bring their pets in on a leash, in a pet carrier or hold them securely. We do not want pets loose on the property and especially in our flower beds or chasing our cats and/or poultry.

Mick from Lanexa, VA loves playing ball in the play yard!

Fozzie, from Aylett, VA and Lola, from King William, VA have fun playing in the yard at Haurand Kennels in West Point, VA
Charlie from King George, VA and Hemi from King William, VA play in the winter snow!

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